OK 2007

Two twenty-something boys in a public restroom. They sniff coke, talk about sex, get dirty. But the film takes on another tone as they reveal what it is that they really want.

Game of Death II 1981

In this dark tale of revenge, Bruce Lee "returns" as Billy Lo, whose best friend Chin Ku dies of a sudden illness. But suspicion of foul play arises when a gang tries to steal Ku's coffin at the funeral using a helicopter. When Lo's younger brother Lo hears about the incident, he leaves his Buddhist master to investigate the truth. His trail soon leads him to the Castle of Death, the last place Chin Ku was seen alive. There, he meets and befriends an unlikely ally--a cruel and merciless martial arts expert who is also the tower's master. But when the master dies under mysterious circumstances, Lo ends up dueling with someone far more terrifying.

A Skin So Soft 2018

Jean-François, Ronald, Alexis, Cédric, Benoit and Maxim are gladiators of modern times. From the strongman to the top-class bodybuilder, to the veteran who has become a trainer, they all share the same definition and obsession with overcoming their limitations. They are waiting for the next competition, working hard in the gym and following extreme diets.

I Do 2006

Life is easy for 43-year-old Luis, a happy single guy, fulfilled in his job of star nose with a perfume creation company, cosseted by his mother and five sisters. It could have lasted for a whole life, but fed up with mollycoddling and helping him, his mother and sisters decide it's time he got married, and the sooner the better!

Half Sister, Full Love 2016

Pierrick is still dealing with the recent disappearance of his brother. Then why not accept the invitation of Tessa, his best friend, at her family home in order to spend a week alone to meditate on his life?

Undress Me 2012

Mikaela has undergone gender reassignment surgery and become a woman. One night at a bar, she meets a guy and takes him back to her place.

Fireball 2009

Tai gets out of jail and discovers that his twin brother, Tan has been in coma for the past year. Tan has entered the world of Fireball, a violent game based on basketball hosted by underground criminal gangs, to raise money for Tai's early release. However, he was brutally beaten by another player, Tun. Tai agrees to join Den's team so that he can track down the man who hospitalised his brother. Tai is befriended by his teammates: Singh, a Thai boxing champion who wants to prove that he is the best; Muk, a Thai-African guy who needs money to support his family; IQ, a cheerful character who only wants to help his mother; and K, an old friend of Tan who has a mysterious past. He and his teammates must risk their lives and fight their way to the final round of the deadly Fireball championships so that Tai can avenge his brother on the court.

Mazi Ta Fagame 2018

A courageous and conscientious civil servant is offended by his wife to get rich bosses from his superiors without knowledge to improve their financial situation.

Les aristos 2006

The Arbac de Neuvilles are one of the oldest families in France. They have inhabited their ancient château for fifty-two generations and are proud of their noble ancestry. But today they are stone broke. When a bailiff turns up notifying them that they owe two million euros in back taxes, these proud aristocrats are understandably shaken to the core of their ancestral seat. Just how are they to find this amount of money when none of them has any capacity for work?

Ta Ra Rum Pum 2007

A poor New York resident, who is of Indian origin, dreams of becoming a fast car race driver. He endeavors, and his efforts are rewarded when he selected by a little-known group called 'RACING SADDLES'. He joins them and soon becomes their ace race driver. This man, whose name is Rajveer, then meets with a rich American woman, also of Indian origin, whose name is Radhika. Both fall in love with each other. They cannot get married, because Radhika's family hates Rajveer mainly because he is very poor. But Radhika is very stubborn, so she marries him. She loses all her rights to her family's wealth. They get married and become parents of two children. They also become very rich. Then Rajveer has an accident which changes their lives forever. They get into debt and stand to lose everything. Will Radhika be forced to return back to her family?

Ta-Kien 2003

While animal hunting, Wittaya and Lokrai inadvertently offend Nang Ta-Kian, the guardian spirit of the forest, who then kills Lokrai. Vittaya is forced to take care of his friend's son, Tong Kam. As a young man, Tong Kam falls in love with Vittaya's daughter Porn but Vittaya prefers Trai, a civil engineer who came to their village to coordinate the building of a dam. When the dam was completed, the village flooded and Wittaya was tasked with clearing every tree, including a big Ta-Kian tree. As he set about his task, awful events began to befall everyone close to him, including his daughter who became a permanent sleeping princess. Wittaya decided to re-plant the tree stub again in order to appease the soul of Ta-Kian and hopefully break the sleeping spell on Porn. However, hidden threats still lurk in the forest.

Welcome Home 2008

Julien, 28, returns to his home town. He's spent the last 13 years in prison. Out on probation, he's obsessed by a girl... Emily. And one day, he reaches for her: "it's me". She turns around, looks at him and starts to scream.

Ta mig 2010

What would happen if the boys were girls and the girls were boys? Kim is still a virgin and unhappily in love with a girl. After the gym class he talks to his friend Robin to get some support and ask for advice.

Fire! 1990

Life in the African country of Mali in the 1990s is vividly highlighted in this mild drama. In the story, a young forest ranger who sees that his work holds the key to the future of his country (through reforestation) is disgusted at the short-sighted, money-grubbing ways of his superiors. He has a much better relationship with local villagers than with his agency's bosses. As the movie opens, the villagers are preparing to hold a hunting ceremony but are not sure whether they will do it the old fashioned way, with a bonfire, or will obey a government decree that open fires are too dangerous. There is a lot of sexual teasing between the villagers, including some harmless horseplay. For instance, when a man whispers another woman's name in his sleep, his wife pours water into his ear in revenge.

Keep Your Right Up 1987

This film is made up several sketches in which certain actors play several real or fictional roles to a background of rock music. The lead character, played by Godard himself, is an annoyingly perfectionist film-maker determined to wring every last drop of the finest performance possible from his stars.

This Is Your Life 1955

This is Your Life is a British biographical television documentary, based on the 1952 American show of the same name. It was hosted by Eamonn Andrews from 1955 until 1964, and then from 1969 until his death in 1987 aged 64. Michael Aspel then took up the role of host until the show ended in 2003. It returned in 2007 as a one-off special presented by Trevor McDonald, which to date was its most recent airing. In the show the host surprises a special guest, before taking them through their life with the assistance of the 'big red book'. Both celebrities and non-celebrities have been 'victims' of the show. The show was originally broadcast live, and over its run it has alternated between being broadcast on the BBC and on ITV.

A Love So Beautiful 2017

It tells the love story of two childhood sweethearts that spans 19 years. Chen Xiao Xi is a cute and small girl with a lot of positive energy. She gets to know Jiang Chen, a tall and proud genius boy, at school and tries everything to pursue him. The drama depicts the beautiful and pure heart throbbing love of seventeen years olds, but also delves into the topic of making mistakes andhow to find back to each other again.

Oh My General 2017

The drama tells of the peculiar love story between a stoic and strong female general Ye Zhao, and a good-for-nothing but gorgeous prince Zhao Yu Jin, after they were betrothed to each other by the empress dowager.

Curb Your Enthusiasm 2000

The off-kilter, unscripted comic vision of Larry David, who plays himself in a parallel universe in which he can't seem to do anything right, and, by his standards, neither can anyone else.

Ta Nea tou ANT1

TA NEA TOY ANT1 is a famous news television programme in Greece aired by ANT1 since 1992 and is currently hosted by Giannis Papadopoulos as well as the rest of the ANT1 News Team. It has previously been hosted by Terrence Quick, Dimitris Stamou, Elli Stai and more recently Nikos Evagelatos. TA NEA TOY ANT1 broadcasts its main evening news show at 20:00 and this runs for one hour. During 2000 through to 2001, the show started at 19:30 and ran for one and a half hour. Before 1997, it was broadcast for 30 minutes. The main evening news on ANT1 has been number one in the Greek television ratings several times. The program is in direct competition for viewers with other private television stations such as Mega Channel and Alter who also broadcast their main evening news shows at 20:00. Alpha TV moved their main evening news from 20:00 to 19:00 in 2009 so no longer compete to be number one in this time slot. TA NEA TOY ANT1 also broadcasts an afternoon edition of the program which airs at 13:00 and runs for approximately 25 minutes. There is a second shorter edition at 18:00 which lasts for approximately 10 minutes and also features the news in sign language. The midnight edition of the news lasts for approximately 10 minutes.

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