Traces of the Heart 1990

In this lesbian-themed story, Faye Wong plays a modest Mainland girl named Fang who migrates to Hong Kong and becomes a singer at a nightclub.

Simón el mago 1992

Simon is a naughty and dreamer boy who lives with his older brothers, his religious mother and the hard hand of his father. He goes to school, plays with his friends in the town and fulfills the duties of the home as any of the neighbors of his age. However, his story changes course when he decides to become a true magician and learn to fly after hearing from the lips of the black Fruits the fantastic stories of myths and legends of the Antioquia region. Adaptation of the homonymous story by Tomás Carrasquilla. From OtraParte

Sagan om Siv 1974

About a woman and her boring life, based on haiku poems by Sonja Åkesson.

Each Time We Part Away 1994

After his wife's murder and house burnt, a young soldier is in search for new home for his daughter. But coming to chaotic at the beginning of the war Zagreb is no place for hope...

Murder in Music City 1979

A songwriter buys a detective agency as a tax shelter, but stumbles into a real case when a dead body turns up in suite he and his new bride are staying in.

Amy 1984

The story of Amy Johnson who disappeared while piloting a RAF Wellington Bomber

Claws 1987

A tale of cat lovers, the social circle they inhabit and the power struggles between them.

Profile of a Writer: Borges 1983

Arguably the greatest writer ever to come out of Latin America, Jorge Luis Borges was a master at making post-modern literary theory accessible by dramatizing it in compact, mind-bending stories. Although his unusual upbringing and his many controversial political sympathies once overshadowed his literary legacy, Borges has indisputably taken his place in history as one of the most important writers of the 20th century. This documentary examines Borges' extraordinary life and work, using dramatizations of his most memorable stories and rare interview footage with the author at his Buenos Aires home. Filmed just three years before his death in 1986, this program makes a bold attempt to relate Borges' private life to his public persona, and the real man to his fictitious world.